Keyboard Concerto

by Wandering Artist

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Hello! What would happen if Vivaldi made a song for Osu? This is the best way to describe this concerto. I had the idea for a piece like this last month when I bought my first mechanical keyboard: nothing fancy but I loved the sound of it so I had to make something, so I sampled the key noises and made a virtual instrument so that I could play it.

The other idea came from the rhythm game Osu where you normally hear such sounds together with music, the overall aesthetic of Osu music fascinated me, so the only thing left to do was to find what instruments to associate with the keyboard sounds: my choice was to pair it with the harpsicord (since it's a very clicky instrument by itself) and then the whole baroque orchestra idea was born.

The piece is called a Concerto but actually it has the structure of a baroque sonata: each movement is divided into two parts that get repeated (with the exception of the second movement) and the very nice thing about baroque music is that there is never a "main theme" or "secondary theme" you just have fun with music and you can fill the piece with many different ideas. Thanks again to Orchid for translating my crazy music ideas once again into a beautiful picture, be sure to follow her for her great artworks.

Oh and for this piece we have an actual osu map of the third movement that you can download and play here big thanks to newton- who made the mapping and fully realized my vision for this concerto!


released February 5, 2021

artwork by orchid
download osu map by newton- here:




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